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7.1/10 is an Australian paper writing service that handles essay and other written tasks. When you access their homepage for the first time, you’ll be impressed. Great testimonials all around, excellent design, and amazing promises. However, when we stepped out of their pages, we could barely find a single great Aussiessay review. The reality is much different from what their website presents. From the start, we were prepared for some disappointment. By the end of our review, you will learn what we discovered. 

AussiEssay Services Overview 

Aussiessay offers a multitude of different services in addition to every essay type. Their services include papers like research papers, term papers, dissertation chapters, full dissertations, theses, articles, reports, and reviews. To be more, they have projects like programming projects, multiple choice questions, statistics projects, etc. This is a place where you can find all kinds of admission papers like essays and personal statements. 

In other words, the company offers quite a lot and they don’t limit any student from buying from them. This gave the service some nice points. Next, we moved on to their prices.

Aussi Essay Prices overview 

There’s a lot of truth in the company’s statements about their affordability – this is an affordable service. It is a bit below the average in terms of pricing, especially when you add the discounts. Their rates are not concerningly low like in some other companies, which was a good sign. 

The prices of this service are determined by several things such as the deadline, quality standard, number of pages, and paper type. In terms of academic level, you should choose the quality standard based on how high you are in the educational system. The standard quality is best applied on the lowest levels like high school and the first years of undergraduate school. Premium and platinum apply to undergraduate and graduate school. For the most important papers, it’s recommended to use the highest quality in such companies. 

To give you some insight into the pricing, here are some examples of what it costs to order papers here:

  • Standard quality essay in 10 days – $16.04 per page
  • Premium quality essay in 3 days – $21.18 per page
  • Platinum quality essay in 3 hours – $41.08 per page
  • Standard quality dissertation in 2 months – $15.40 per page

As you noticed, you can order a dissertation at a better price than an essay, even for the Premium quality. This is really strange. Premium quality essay within the longest deadline costs $20.54, while a premium quality dissertation costs $19 per page. 

Discounts Overview 

This part is vague and tricky. The only real and fixed discount is the amazing 20% off you can use on your initial order. This is an excellent offer, probably the best you can find. It also makes the price really low, which is a reason for concern since you’re promised the best experts in the field. 

As for other discounts, there’s only a mention of a loyalty program and nothing else. We spoke to the support agents to clear things up, but they decided to keep this a secret and asked us to reach out to them after we use our 20% discount on the first order. 

When we received that order, we decided to never trust this company again, so we didn’t bother to find out more. Keep reading to learn what happened. 

Quality of services 

So far, this company has met many of our expectations and appeared to be rather good. Despite some issues with lack of information and some strange pricing that we discussed above, everything seemed perfect. They promised great quality, had a big list of services, and offered a really good discount.

However, it is when they sent us the essay that we realized why they are not popular at all. This company might be cheap and generous with the welcome offer, but they definitely do not have experts in the field. The paper we received did not come late, but everything else was absolutely wrong. 

We found copied content in it, over 20% of it. Next, we found over two dozen mistakes, so they didn’t edit or proofread it at all. And finally, the quality was way below the expected and the promised. 


Aussi Essay has some quality features like their big service list, the generous welcome bonus, and the nice prices. Even so, we wouldn’t put our trust in one of their writers again because they really failed us when we ordered. This company is unpopular for one big reason, and it’s a reason enough not to recommend it to students. They don’t work with qualified writers and their guarantees don’t cover plagiarism or poor paper quality. We learned this the hard way – by ordering from them and receiving a low quality essay.

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