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Most companies choose not to reveal their year of establishment and Australianessay is one of them. We can only guess the year based on the date of the australianessay reviews on the web. They don’t date far back, but only few years. This means that the Australian Essay service has little experience, probably less than a decade.

This doesn’t make it any less reliable except those reviews were seriously bad. That’s why we took matters into our own hands and did our own, firsthand Australianessay review.

AustralianEssay Services

It seems like Australianessay has only essays to offer, and many types of them. The page with services lists different essay types and subjects. It wasn’t until we opened the order page that we learned that they actually have some other papers you can order.

This is a big mistake because it would cause many students to leave their pages before they realize the company offers other papers than essays, too. The name is somewhat misleading, but failing to write papers like research paper, term paper, or dissertation in their services page is a really bad idea.

The list might not be really big, but it is pretty decent. If this Australian essay review went well, it would be a solid choice for a regular service.

Australian Essay Pricing

Most services have three quality options or set their prices based on specific academic level. This one has too, and we aren’t really sure what quality applies to which level. It isn’t pointed out anywhere on the website and the support wasn’t really clear when we asked about it.

So, you’d probably have to go for their premium quality if you want to make sure that you get the better writers. However, all those Australian essay reviews included many who ordered this option, and still ended up being disappointed.

The prices are really attractive. They charge AU$18.19 for standard and AU$20.99 for premium quality if you order 10 days ahead. These prices grow depending on the deadline and can reach AU$37.77 per page for a deadline of 24 hours.

This is the shortest deadline ordered, which can be considered a disadvantage. You can’t order within hours here, so if you have something really urgent, you’d have to go elsewhere.

Australian Essay Discounts

The only discount is the one they call ‘the splendid discount’. This is valid only for new customer and gives them 15% off their first paper. After that, you have to pay the prices from the pricelist.

It’s a fine discount that makes the cost much more affordable, especially since it was really low to start with. But, since they don’t have a loyalty program, we don’t see many students ordering there regularly. After all, many companies have great loyalty programs that allow students to reduce the cost continuously if they order often.

Since the prices are as low, this doesn’t have to be a problem if the rating wasn’t so low.


Quality is an issue here. Out of everything we found, this was the biggest problem. The prices aren’t half as low as the quality is, which makes the company a scam service. You don’t even get what you pay for. The results from our order were a delay, plagiarism, and bad writing. This is the worst service you can receive when you pay someone to do your paper.

The combination of these three terrible things would entitle us to an immediate refund. That’s something that the company proudly speaks of, but when the time comes for them to fulfil this promise, they back down. It has happened to many students and it also happened to us.

We had a total of 37% plagiarism in a single essay, 45 mistakes, and the paper was delayed for 7 hours. All of these are unforgivable and are sure to make a student miss a deadline and lose a grade or two.

Support Management

We spoke to the support two times. First, we asked about their quality options. The agent told us in bad English something that we hardly understood. He basically told us that if we want an edited and better paper, we pay more. If we want something plain, we choose the standard option.

The second time we spoke to them, it was a different agent. This agent was polite at first and terrible later. When we asked for a refund, he asked us to elaborate. We spent over an hour pointing out to every mistake instead of them doing the editing. For the plagiarism, we had to send them each page we found where the original content was copied from.

Even then, they didn’t provide us with a refund. They did a revision that covered exactly what we pointed out. At that point, we could have done the same thing. The plagiarism wasn’t even fixed, just slightly rewritten.


Australian essay may be cheap, but they aren’t worth what they are charging. The quality is poor and the service is really unreliable. They obviously work with inexperienced agents and writers whose first language is probably not the English language.


  1. Mark said:

    Expected original content from Australian Essay but ended up writing the paper on my own.

    January 21, 2020
  2. Holly said:

    The report from Australian Essay was rushed even if I ordered ahead of time.

    January 21, 2020

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