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More students than ever before are resorting to online writing companies to get help with their assignments. Though the industry is booming thanks to the high standards maintained by the companies, there are bound to be a few bad apples that give the industry a bad name. is one such fraudulent company that has been at the heart of such negativity surrounding online writing services. The various domains at which a writing company should excel to be able to provide students with high-quality work are exactly the areas where they flounder. These include, but are not limited to, services, pricing and discounts, and customer service.

It comes as no surprise then that a typical Essayassignmenthelp review bashes the company for its appalling practices and sub-par work. There are many such reviews including testimonials by various students who have tried the company and thrown their money away with nothing to show. Let us delve deep into these aspects to find out how Essayassignmenthelp dupes students time and time again.

Essay Assignment Help Services

First up, let’s go through the services that are offered by These are as follows:

  • Essays
  • Assignments
  • Case study
  • Course Work
  • Dissertation
  • Home work
  • Thesis

As one can surmise from the list above, the list is far from being exhaustive. Sure, the most popular services are provided. But there are various other services that most companies ensure that they have in their catalog so students can get help in those domains. These include assignments such as Book/Movie review, programming, lab work, etc. Such a small list of services is unacceptable in an industry where every company is looking to increase the number of services that they offer to students.

Even with the services offered, there is no guarantee that you will receive work that you can take to your professors. That is because the writers are not well-versed in their respective subjects and make multiple errors, both syntactic and thematic. This can spell doom for your studies and leave you worse off.

EssayAssignmentHelp Prices

The pricing page is laid out well and is organized by academic level and deadline. The lowest quoted price stands at $9.8 per page for a high school paper with a 30-day deadline. The highest is marked at $19.8 per page for a doctorate thesis with a 6-hour deadline. Nowhere have we seen such low prices, even for high-school papers and this is highly suspicious. Any Ph.D. student would know that no company would ever charge $20 per page (that too before a discount) for a doctoral thesis.

After reading a few reviews, we figured out the crux of the matter. As per the Essay assignment help review, the company lures students to purchase from them but hardly ever delivers the content on time. Furthermore, they blatantly plagiarize which takes absolutely no effort. So essentially, you are paying them to lift content from other sources. Discounts

There is some respite for students when it comes to availing discounts. There is a 20% discount on your first offer which is slightly higher than the industry average. This strategy has worked for most online writing companies and works well to get students on their website. Essay assignment help too makes full utilization of this strategy but for the wrong purposes.

Most companies are profit-driven but it does not take away the fact that they should deliver the content that they are advertising. Given their deplorable write-up quality, these discounts only work to lure unsuspecting students to their website without actually delivering on the promises. There are also no loyalty discounts to speak of which makes it hard for students who want to get multiple assignments done. For that purposes, students are better off trying out some other online writing service.

Other Features

Some additional features that the company provides include unlimited revisions, free title and bibliography pages. However, there have been multiple cases in which students were denied their free revisions and could not get the write-ups that they paid for. This has much to do with the customer service of the company and their work ethics.

Though you can reach them via multiple means such as live chat and email, they’re quite slow in their response especially when you ask them for updates on your write-up. What’s surprising is the fact that until one orders from them they are quite polite and will answer your queries and offer you discounts up front. They seem quite apprehensive to get students in touch with the writers as well which makes us question the authenticity of the company. If the work is not up to the mark and you want to get a refund, you’ll be sorely disappointed as they will disconnect you from all lines of communication.


It is safe to say that essay assignment help doesn’t help the students in any way. Instead they work to capitalize on their desperation and swindle them off their money. There are a lot of aspects that make us highly doubtful of the company and its practices.

The services are limited which doesn’t allow students to order multiple assignments. The quality of the write-up is paltry at best and will hardly get you a passing grade, let alone an A grade. The prices and the discounts are set up to entice students to order. There is no loyalty program to speak of as students would never get to the point of ordering multiple assignments from them after their first encounter. The customer service, which is supposed to reassure the students, goes against the grain and doesn’t even bother to reply if they are unable to help the students.

We would highly advise against the use of this company’s services. Students are better off taking their money elsewhere where they would get their due worth. This company is a scam and needs to rethink its work policies to ensure that students are actually satisfied by the content delivered.

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