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Instant Assignment Help is an Australian writing service. We started our review by checking the official website of the company. It is mainly okay in terms of navigation, except for the part called Answers. You should know from the beginning of this Instant Assignment Help review that this is actually their samples page. 

We don’t think that many students got to this page or realized what it is because if they did, they’d come across some poor quality content in many of the published works. In fact, after this information came to light, we decided to read every Instant Assignment Help review we could find online. Unfortunately, we understood fast in the process that Instant Assignment Help Australia is not popular with its customers – students. We will get more into detail in this Instant Assignment Help review.

Instant Assignment Help Services Overview 

Instant Assignment Help Australia has plenty of services they offer to students. This looks like the ideal place to go to if you need help with essays, dissertations, research papers, articles, term papers, and other kinds of academic projects. In addition to writing these from scratch (though they’ve proved they handle them differently to us), they also offer to edit and proofread the papers students have written. 

Prices overview 

As says on the website, the prices they have are competitive. They charge as little as AU$ 10.64 for a page for most papers like essays and articles when ordered within a week. If you order them further in the future, for 15 days, the price will be AU$8.59 per page. 

These are quite attractive rates, especially since they come with a 25% discount. However, while you might think that this is a special offer, it seems to stick for a very long time. Apparently, it’s a marketing trick to convince you that you’re buying with a grand discount when in fact, those are the actual prices of the company. 

Even without it being a discount, this is still a very cheap Australian service. The price is very low for the quality of writers they promise, which is yet another sign that Instant Assignment Help doesn’t hire the best experts to do your papers. 

Discounts Overview 

Finding this information was not easy because there isn’t a discount page or place where any discounts other than that 25% offer are mentioned. However, if you go to the FAQ section and check the question regarding loyalty programs, you’ll find a detailed explanation of their offer. According to it, customers get 5% for their 11th order onwards. This means that until you order 10 papers, you aren’t entitled to a discount, which is not a very good offer. Most companies offer this type of discounts after a certain number of ordered pages. For example, we have found that most services give 5% off once you order 15 pages from them. 

There are two bigger discounts, too. When you place the 16th order onwards, you get 10% off. And, when you place the 26th order onwards, you get 15% off. 

Quality level 

At this point, we already expected what we received. There are many bad comments about this service that speak of delays, stolen papers, bad service, and more. So, we had very low expectations about the service. 

Even so, we still paid their quote and waited for the delivery, hopeful that they might stand behind their promises. But, everything went wrong with our order. Firstly, we only received the confirmation a day later, so we had no idea whether or not they’ve accepted the order (the money were instantly taken from our bank account, though). Then, the writer missed the deadline by a day and no one from the support replied to our questions while we waited. And lastly, the paper was mostly plagiarized. Even though they send this Turnitin free report (which is definitely faked), a plagiarism scanner showed us that they’ve copied 52% of the content from a different page. 

Speaking of fake reports, we should tell you that this is not the only website of the company. They also have the company that offers help in the UK and the US. Even though their logo is different and the site has a different design, we’ve realized that it’s actually the same company. How? Because they have the same reputation, the same fake Turnitin reports, and all the same features. 


Based on all that you have read in our review of Instant Assignment Help, you’ve probably realized that this isn’t a trustworthy company. They have some good features like the service list and the finely tuned website. However, their quality and their reputation, not to mention their customer support, do not fit any of the quality criteria that we have set for writing services. They delay orders, steal content, and don’t take responsibility for their writers’ actions.

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