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Essayroo Company Overview

Essayroo has one of the most creative, somewhat childish designs we’ve seen so far. Their mascot is this small kangaroo, while their quote is ‘jump start to the A+ essay’. As unique as this sounds, the reputation of essayroo isn’t really good.

To answer your question: is essayroo fraud, we checked to see if they deliver papers when you pay them. The truth is, this is a legit and legal service, but in this essayroo review, you’ll learn about several things that make their website promises one well-planned scam.

EssayRoo Services

The list of services is great, but at some point, we realized that it’s the same list as the one many services use. This is either one of the many websites created by the same service, or they didn’t bother to make their own list, so they copied it elsewhere.

Whatever it is, it’s a really bad start for this essay roo review. Before this, we used the company called Australian Help and it had the exact same service list, including the same categories.

Now, this makes both companies good in terms of versatility of services, but judged by how badly the other review turned out, we do hope that this isn’t the same service.

The lists differentiate between several categories for papers and services: academic paper writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading, multiple choice questions, projects, copywriting, resume/ CV services, dissertation services, and admission services.

Essay Roo Pricing

The Essayroo prices differ from those of other companies. They aren’t all that cheap, but are pretty realistic. However, if the rating tells us something, it is that the service isn’t very popular. Therefore, $19.20 for a page is definitely a high price to pay for a service that doesn’t always deliver quality content or support.

In those reviews we mentioned, we also read a lot about the unfair pricing. We checked their list and noticed why students speak poorly of the pricing system. The prices grow faster than in any other service when you shorten the deadline. This makes the company a highly priced one. Thankfully, there are some discounts that you can add to it.

Discounts Policy at

The new customer discount is 15% and since we read about it in many essayroo reviews, it’s been this way since forever. This offer is pretty good and obviously, much appreciated seeing how high their prices tend to be.

They don’t stop at just new customers. Essay roo has an entire discount page that describes their loyalty program, which we found to be good. It’s the common program – 5% to 15% discounts based on accumulated papers from the beginning of your collaboration with them.

After 15 ordered pages, you get 5% off. After 51, you get 10%. Finally, once you order over a hundred, you’ll always enjoy their best offer – 15% off.

Unfortunately, very few essay roo reviews are from regular customers. Because of their low reputation and many reported bad experiences, we don’t see many people who keep going back for more there.

Essay Roo Quality

This is the most important part of our essayroo review. Without quality, no service is worth the trust of a student. Students put all their hope into writers who’ll do their essays when they can. However, in our experience, if you do it here, you’ll probably be disappointed.

We definitely were once we received a biology research paper. This wasn’t a lab report, but an essay on a biology topic. Even so, the author treated it like a piece of content where he should just ‘throw’ all the data he finds online.

That was not the worst thing about it, either. The worst thing was the plagiarism that was all over the paper. None of the sources were referenced accurately or formatted as we requested. And, a simple plagiarism check opened one website where the writer obviously stole most of the essay content from. He didn’t even bother to check different sources, but only copied the sources from someone else’s paper.

Support Management

After the horrible experience, we spoke to the support. Or at least, that’s what we tried to do. The live chat is led by a bot, so don’t expect much from it. The bot wasn’t automated to answer the questions we asked, so we just received unrelated answers and repetitive statements.

So, we chose the phone to reach out to them. After our sixth ring, someone finally decided to answer. The agent sounded too sleepy or too lazy, but definitely not interested in providing us with the promised 24/7 support service.

When we asked for a refund, we instantly got a negative answer. The agent said that we can’t get that and gave us a code for a 5% discount to use on our next order. After that experience, we don’t see how anyone would be convinced with such gesture.


Essayroo is far from a good service. They may be legit, but the services and promises are scam. The support is absolutely irresponsible and basically of no use, while their writers do really bad work with the papers they write for customers. In summary, this isn’t a service we’d recommend.


  1. Tanya said:

    My EssayRoo review is very negative because of the surprisingly low quality that I didn’t expect from them. Furthermore, their prices are also higher than standard. 2/10.

    September 23, 2019
  2. Liam said:

    Going to Essay roo was a mistake. This site is a scam.

    January 20, 2020
  3. Kolin said:

    Be sure to check all Essayroo reviews online. They’re not as good as they say.

    January 20, 2020

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