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With their generous welcome discount and the promising attitude, the website of AustralianHelp looks like just the right place to order. Our experience has taught us not to rush in getting help online. This is why we read the Australian help reviews on the site and the Web, as well as thoroughly checked their site for information. The bad news here is that the majority of the australianhelp reviews we read weren’t good. The website is looking good and the design is sleek, but this AustralianHelp review is not starting really well.

AustralianHelp Services

AustralianHelp review is one of the few good things about this australianhelp review. We came across some serious discrepancies in their promises and the delivery of the same. But, the list is definitely a good one. It has many things to offer. You can use Australian help to get the following service types and the papers that come in those categories:

  • Academic paper writing (essays, term papers, research papers, coursework, articles, book reports and reviews, etc.)
  • Rewriting
  • Math/ Physics/ Economics/ Statistic problems
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Copywriting
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation services
  • Resume and CV services
  • Multiple Choice Questions

These are just service categories. In each, there are plenty of choices for different paper types. It’s a really big list, especially since it also has a resume and CV services.

Australian Help Pricing

It’s a cheap writing company. This for most, is the deciding factor for ordering. The website looks attractive, so many students probably find their rates really appealing. That’s the reason behind the huge Australian help reviews number. But unfortunately, the low prices are also a sign that something might not be good about the service.

The lowest you can pay here is $12.99. This is a quote without a discount and it is much lower than the prices most of the reputable companies we have reviewed charge. It’s not sufficient to pay for the greatest writers that the company proudly claims to have employed.

This was the first sure sign that something might be wrong with it. That’s where things started going downhill. Discounts

There are all kinds of discounts here. You have holiday discounts that are occasional offers you can find on the website, referral discounts for when you make a friend buy from the service, first-time discount, and even a loyalty program.

We didn’t expect their discounts to be so versatile and honestly, so big. With the Australian help discount code ’18AUFIRST’, you get no less than 18%. This is a considerably high discount, especially on those rates they charge.

There’s also a fixed loyalty program for 5%, 10% and 15% discounts. You get these by ordering from the service more than once. With over a 100 pages, you can always get 15% on the prices, which is extremely good. However, not many remain their returning customers, so we don’t see many who enjoy this offer.


The quality often suffers when the prices are too low. Australianhelp can’t pay hundreds of amazing writers if they charge $10 for a page. They have to lower their criteria and, in many cases, start hiring non-native writers who work at a lower fee.

This is easily noticeable in the content and we actually noticed it here. The deadline was not an issue for the writer, but the language was. He obviously did a lot of research, but his English was far from fluent or good. As a result, the essay we had ordered from them was hard to understand. We had much trouble with figuring out what the writer was trying to say, and even found some plagiarism in the content.

So, despite their adherence to our deadline, the rest of the instructions were not met. It was obvious that the writer tried, but he probably didn’t quite understand the sources he used for the paper. So, many of the facts used were inaccurate and we had to check the actual source to see what the author intended to say.

Support Management

These types of issues are usually handled by the support management team. We had a problem with the quality and the writers’ qualificatons. Obviously, when a service tells you they only work with natives, you expect them to stand behind this promise.

But, as soon as we pointed out to the obvious indications of the opposite of this, the support became hostile. The agent told us that their writers are amazing and that ‘we got what we paid for’. Yes, this is a cheap service, but if they promise great quality, that is what we expect them to deliver.

Summary For AustralianHelp review is as real as it gets, but this does not make it good. In fact, the reviews are mostly bad, so we hardly doubt that they have any popularity at all. Their prices may trick a student or two, but the fact that they have a very low standard for hiring writers makes this an unreliable service.

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  1. Samantha said:

    Don’t even try to order here, the worst service I’ve ever tried – 0/10!

    September 23, 2019

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