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If you were recently searching for a professional writing service, there’s a chance that you stumbled upon this website. It’s the standard type of essay writing service you can find online. Since it began getting a bit of popularity, we decided to check it out and report our findings so that students know whether they should use EssayService. When you visit their website, you can immediately notice their claim that you can get a custom paper for as little as $10 per page.

On the front page of, you can see limited information about the company. They claim to be a professional team of essay writers and that transparency is one of their top priorities, yet you can’t find nearly any information about their staff. They claim their writers all hold university degrees, and some even have serious academic achievements. But can they really back up a claim like that? Continue reading our EssayService review to find out.

Essay Service Services Review

As we started writing this review, we wanted to learn more about the company. Mainly, we were interested in finding out exactly what type of help they offer students. Like many academic writing services, this company can help you with a number of different assignments, including:

  • Essays
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations
  • Admission essays
  • Case studies
  • Book reviews
  • Presentations
  • Term papers

When you select the type of assignment you need help with, you’ll then get to choose whether you need assistance with writing, rewriting, or editing. The price that you’ll have to pay depends on the type of service you need. After you choose a certain service, you’ll have to set a deadline for the project, as well as the required word count. Once you complete that step, you can start searching for a writer.

Essayservice Pricing policy

On the Essay Service website, it clearly says that one of their main priorities is to make their services affordable to students. They even go as far as to write that you can get an essay written for just $10 per page. However, even if you were to select a two-week deadline for your project, the price would be more than $10 for each page.

When you start selecting what type of professional writing help you need, you’ll notice a price calculator that will show you approximately how much a paper would cost you. But once you actually want to place an order, you’ll have to select a writer from a long list. But the catch is that the writer will set a price for your project. Due to the confusion you face during the ordering process, we concluded that EssayService is not really a trustworthy website.

Essay Service Discounts

We looked through every page of the Essay Service website and we didn’t even find one mention of a discount. We expected there to be a promo code available for first-time customers, but this company doesn’t offer one. They also don’t provide any type of loyalty discount for repeat customers, which is strange considering how they claim they want to make their services affordable to students.

We believe that college students deserve to get at least some type of discount when ordering from a professional writing service. Most students aren’t in a good financial situation, especially if they’ve taken out loans to enroll.


We weren’t too happy to find out that you had to pay significantly more than $10 per page, despite EssayService claiming otherwise. Nevertheless, we were interested in seeing whether the quality of writing justifies the price. That’s why we ordered a 5-page paper before we started to write this EssayService review. We chose a writer that charged us $20 per page, and we patiently waited three days for our paper to be finished.

The quality of writing was worse than we anticipated. It read as if it was written by a non-native English speaker and contained a lot of grammar mistakes. This lead us to believe that Essay Service hires writers from non-English speaking countries for a small price to maximize their profits.


After carefully analyzing the quality of services this company provides, as well as reading many customer reviews online, we’ve concluded that this is not a website we would recommend to our readers. If you’ve read our whole EssayService review, you already know that there are a few things we don’t like about this website.

One of the main things that bothers us about this essay writing service is that it doesn’t charge you the low prices they advertise. Instead, every writer will make a bid for your project and you’ll have to select who you want to hire. We ended up paying double the advertised price for the paper we ordered. On top of that, the quality of writing is not good. The essay we received contained inaccurate facts and many grammatical errors.

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