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There is something really frustrating about companies that hide their prices. From the moment when we started writing our Best Assignment Helper review, we realized that it’s going to be quite a hassle. The first thing you should know in this Best Assignment Helper review is that they don’t share their prices with everyone. You have to ask for a specific paper to learn what the quote will be. 

If you are thinking: this must be one of those bidding services, you are wrong. They don’t bid on papers, but they take their time deciding how much to charge each individual customer. When we ordered for this Best Assignment Helper review, they really prolonged this. For a service with a non-stop support, waiting two hours for a quote is a lot, especially for students on a deadline.

Best Assignment Helper Services

You can order literally any paper or service you want from Best Assignment Helper Australia. They have essays, articles, reports, reviews, term papers, homework, research papers, dissertations, coursework, presentations, and other types of services. They cater to the needs of students of different academic levels and allow customers to order within very short deadlines. 

We aren’t certain how their short deadline options work considering that they take their sweet time giving you a quote. If we requested a quote on a paper that was due in 6 hours which is an option here, and they sent it 2 hours later, would they manage to write an entire paper in such a short timeframe?

Prices overview 

To learn the price for your assignment, you need to submit an order form and wait for a quote. The order form can be found in the ‘order now’ field. It requires basic personal information and asks you to choose between two quality standards – standard and premium. Nowhere on the website is it specified what type of quality is fitting for which level, so we chose the premium one just in case. 

After two hours, they replied with a quote. The quote was a bit over $20 per page for a deadline of 3 days and a college level paper. This is an average price compared to others on the market. High rated companies charge similar rates for quality content.

Discounts Overview 

One of the first things that disappointed us about was the lack of any types of discounts. The agent who reached out to us with a quote assured us that a discount is added to our price, but who is to know this when there are no base prices to look at? They literally said: this is the price without a discount and since we are generous, this is the price with it. There was no indication as to how big a discount we received and when we asked about a loyalty program, they said that they’ll give us discounts based on what we order in the future. 

Even though there are no fixed discount offers, there are few special offers on a page we found on their website. These include:

  • Cashback offer – if you spend $5000 in a month, you get $500 back
  • Mega offer – you get gifts if you spend over $10000 in a month
  • If you order 3 copies of the same assignment, you get 1 extra
  • If you book 2 assignments at once, you get 10% off

Let’s be realistic – the first two are the silliest offers we’ve seen. What student spends $5000 on assignments in a month, even if they order every single paper online? More importantly, who has $5000 to spend in a single month for assignments, not to mention $10000? As for the 3 copies offer, why would you need three same assignments in the first place?

Quality level is badly rated for many reasons. First, it’s their decision to not share prices with the customers. We didn’t know about the rate at Best Assignment Helper until we got a quote for them. Secondly, the paper quality is far from great as they promise it to be. 

We found many flaws with the paper we received from this company. It had some plagiarism, 24% to be precise. It also had over two dozen mistakes throughout 4 pages, and wasn’t a great fit for the college level we ordered it for. We chose premium quality as their highest quality option, so this is obviously the best they could do. It is far from enough considering that they charge a lot for it.


Best Assignment Helper is an unreliable, very secretive content writing service. They don’t tell you about the quote of your order until you send in a request and take a lot of time to decide. Their prices are not low and far from worth it based on what they deliver. A lot on their website is vague and strangely described. Based on the quality they delivered, we do not recommend using Best Assignment Helper. 

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