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Transtutors Company Overview

Unlike most of the companies we usually review, Transtutors is not a writing academic service. Yes, it’s an academic service, but solely for what they call ‘tutoring’ services. However, this isn’t as it sounds. You don’t get tutoring sessions per se, one that people are used to paying when they need help with their studies. What you get here are answers to questions you have about your studies from experts who offer their services on the website. You do this by presenting their employees with your question and choosing between bids.

All this sounds different from anything we have reviewed on this website before. We found very little about the company by checking transtutors reviews, which means that it isn’t all that popular as they say they is. We assume that this is because of their strange offerings. This isn’t traditional tutoring, but a way to be connected with someone who knows the answers to one question you want to ask for a sum you both agree on.

You sure want to learn more if you are having some homework troubles, so read our transtutors review below for more information.

Transtutors Services

To answer your main question: is Transtutors legit, the answer is yes. This site provides safe purchases and has an easy order process. Even so, transtutor is not known for a speedy or helpful customer support, and things can go rogue many of the times. If you do some digging like we did, you’ll learn that many of their employees aren’t really highly rated by customers. Also, there’s no indication as to what exactly you’re allowed to ask, so you need to take your chances.

Basically, the only service provided by the company called Transtutors is the tutoring service. This isn’t the regular service of tutoring or a way to reach out to someone to give you an entire session to help you master the material. The only goal of this company is to help out with homework and answer some question you can’t do on your own. It’s a fine idea but an extremely limited service range.

Trans tutors Prices Overview

This company works on a bidding system when you’re looking for the person to help you out with your question, so we can’t really tell you what the quote you’ll pay will be like. When we asked a question, we received all kinds of quotes, most of which were very low and below the amount of $10. The experience was another matter that didn’t turn out as we were promised. The tutor gave us a wrong answer and was extremely hard to understand. This made the session a terrible choice and a waste of money, something which didn’t interest the support at all.

The only price that’s fixed is that of their premium membership. By paying $19.99 monthly, you get unlimited access to over 600000 textbook solutions and class assignments. This isn’t tutoring assistance, but help in the form of guides and blogs on the website, so you don’t have to pay it if you want to get some help from the employees. Even if you do, you still have to pay for your bids.

Trans Tutors Discounts Policy

The only thing that resembles discounts at trans tutor is the cash back on the premium membership for the first month. You spend that amount and get access to the things they offer, and they refund that sum so that you can use it to pay the bidders throughout that same month. After that, you need to pay that amount without any offered cashback.

There is another pricing option that is, once again, not a discount, but a way to spend less and see how this membership works. It is a one day pass which gives you the same access but, the price is ridiculous since it’s half from what you’d pay for an entire month.

Other Features

One useful feature that you can use here is the questions and answers section. This one has some general questions and answers for almost any field you can think of. It’s accessed free of charge, so you don’t have to use the company to find this information. Even so, all of this data can be found with a simple Google search and free of charge. For the more complex questions, you’d still have to pay them to get answer. Unfortunately, this was not good in our experience.


With a really bad support that responds after 48 hours when you reach out to them, as well as some bidders who aren’t really good tutors, this isn’t a company we can recommend. It’s not a writing company and it’s not really a tutoring company, so even at this point, we still aren’t sure how they can help students. The risk is high and the membership plan is completely unnecessary.

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