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Australian Assignment Help presents itself as the ‘’number 1 company in assignment help in Australia’’. This is far from accurate. We know it because if the company was truly a good one, not to mention the best, it would have positive Australian Assignment Help reviews. The truth is almost entirely twisted. We read many testimonials online about this company, and most are on the negative side. To learn more about them and our experience, read this Australian Assignment Help review. 

Services Overview 

Unless you are ready to go through a bit tricky sign up process, you cannot access the full service list. The website is more than confusing. It’s frustrating in many ways since the key information is not included for visitors to see. There’s no page for services and no indication of the cost of this company whatsoever.

To see what they offer, we went through the order process. You need to tell them what you need in the order form. Next, you need to go to your email to finish the sign up process. It took them hours to respond to our query with a quote, and we never really learned about the full list.

When you are placing your order, you need to indicate what subject your paper’s in. There’s no list of services to choose from. You need to tell them what you need in description. In our case, they accepted an order for a research paper, so that’s one service that they definitely perform.

Prices overview 

This is the trickiest and most frustrating part. Having to sign up for a price is silly on its own, but having to wait for hours for a quote is truly exaggerated. We don’t believe that many visitors stick around and go through this entire ordeal to find out about the quote.

We did our waiting to uncover what this company charges. For a reputation as low as theirs, we surely did not expect the high quote we received. Australianassignmenthelp charged us over $25 for a page for college level research paper and a deadline of 5 days. 

Discounts Overview 

When they sent us the quote, we were told that the price was originally higher, but they threw in a welcome discount. There were no details about the discount amount, and honestly – how do we know what the price was to begin with? With this company, you can never know what you’ll be charged. They don’t have a loyalty program in place or a discount listed on the site. 

Quality Level 

Australian Assignment Help promised so much and delivered very little. They charged us a small fortune after torturing us with waiting for a quote. The worst part is – we waited for the paper longer than we were supposed to, also. 

Our research paper came on the day that we requested it for, but four hours later. When you place your order, you need to also indicate the time. They missed this by 4 hours, which can be devastating for someone on a deadline. 

Even if they delivered it before the deadline ended, the paper would be of no use. As all those testimonials say, this is not a trustworthy company. They exaggerate with the bragging about their quality and more importantly, with their prices. 

Our paper cost over $150 for 6 pages of content and it contained 38% of plagiarism. We know exactly where the content was sourced from thanks to a scanner. When we checked the source, we realized that most of it was sourced from that page. The remaining of the paper was simply well re-written, so it didn’t show as plagiarism. Any professor could notice this and the student would get into a big trouble. 

After such a nasty experience, we confronted the company’s support service. The service is said to be availabl2 27/7 via phone, live chat, or email. However, no one answered the phone for hours, the live chat was automated, and we never received a response via e-mail. It was probably because we sent them a report for the plagiarism and requested a refund, which they decided not to confirm. 


Many companies who sell content online brag about their great writers and service, but this one has gone overboard. They’ve claimed themselves to be the best in all of Australia, which cannot be further from the truth. This company has a confusing website, lengthy sign up process, and decides to be vague about the most important information. Their quote arrive hours after you send in a request, the writers do a poor job with the assignments, and the company is not held responsible if things go wrong. The strangest thing is – they charge a huge price for a company with a low reputation and bad writers. 

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