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MyAssignmenthelp Company Overview

My Assignment Help Australia is really an old service, but we don’t think they’ve been selling paper for as long as they say. Their website says 2007, but the Myassignmenthelp are dated a little over a decade ago. Even though over ten years makes them an established service, the fact that they might lie about it is a bit disturbing.

They also make a really big, inaccurate statement. They call their service the number one service since 2007. Out of every company we have reviewed, this is one of the few that we don’t see getting as high in the list of good companies. You’ll see why in this my assignment help review.

MyAssignmentHelp Services

The first bad thing we found about My Assignment Help Australia was the size of their service list. It’s a really limited list. This is weird since they claim to have worked for over 20 years now and say to have hundreds of writers. With so many writers, how come myassignmenthelp has a really limited list?

This would prevent those who need constant assistance to order all the papers they need. The basic papers like essays and research papers are in the list, but if you need some more specific projects, you will have to search for another provider. Lets continue with a review and discover everything about the pricing policy. Australia Pricing

This was the most frustrating part of this myassignmenthelp review. This company hides the prices from the customers, which is the worst thing a writing company can do. You can learn everything about their service, but not what they charge for a paper.

To see what the paper would cost us, we had to fill the order form of My Assignment Help Australia and wait for the price. It took them 2 hours to respond with a quote, so we basically had to leave the page open and wait for them to check our order.

Our paper cost a lot, a bit over $22 for a page. It is now clear why those MyHelpAustralia reviews mentioned high and unexpected prices. You cannot know what you’ll be asked to pay until they respond, which can take a while. Even then, you still won’t know what your next order will cost you. That is, if you like the quality they provide when you order. Discounts

There can’t be any discounts on prices that aren’t set, so don’t look for such things on the website. They claim to be really generous to their regulars, but we didn’t receive that kind of information. In fact, we didn’t find any myassignmenthelp review from a returning customer mentioning a discount of any kind.

With the my assignment help service, you will not know the quote. If you have the time to wait, you may send a request and see how it goes. Even then, you can’t be sure that you got a discount. They told us that we get 15% off as first-time customers, but since they gave us the quote without any information on the site, we can’t know how real this is, can we? Plus, the price was too high for it to include a discount.

My Assignment Help Quality

After we waited so long for a price, we had our hopes set high about the delivery. We paid a really high price for a new customer. Most companies, even the ones with amazing rating, have better offers for new customers.

But, our expectations were far from met. The paper was not worth half of what we paid and it came a day later than we expected it. We ordered a research paper with a deadline of three days, and got one after four days. It was shorter than we agreed and paid for, and the quality was really poor.

Now we understand why the service wasn’t as highly rated as they claim to be. We can hardly understand how they survived for so long in the market. They probably aren’t as old a service as they say, but they have definitely been here for over a decade. In that period, they have sold many papers which, unfortunately, scammed thousands of students worldwide.

Support Management

The support of a service that’s been standing tall for so long should be impeccable. But, they actually went through all these years avoiding customers’ complaints. We read about this in the reviews and actually got to experience it firsthand.

When we approached an agent and told him our story about the delay and the lack of quality, he simply vanished. No one answered on the live chat or on the phone. took their money and disappeared on us.

Summary for Myassignmenthelp Review

Myassignmenthelp is an old service, but unfortunately, their years online do not make the company reliable. It is one of the lowest-rated services, which makes you wonder how they’re still standing on the busy market. They don’t even have low rates to attract more customers. They hide their rates, making it frustrating, as well as unsafe, to order from their website.

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  1. Roman said:

    MyAssignmentHelp is despicable. They have the worst writers and to add to that, the worst website design. 2/10.

    September 23, 2019

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