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They don’t help you with this, but it does not make it any less beneficial. In fact, if the system is handled well by the service, bidding is your best shot at a price you can afford, every time. However, reviews are considerably bad, so we hardly doubt that their system works perfectly. Let’s see what our Edubirdie AU review has to say about this.Let’s start our Edubirdie review from services overview.

EduBirdie Australia Services

The service list is small, but this is not the full offer. In fact, nothing is the full offer when it comes to au edu birdie. If you click on their option ‘other’, you can ask for just about anything related to writing, editing or proofreading, and even order some projects.

They work with plenty of writers on a freelance base, so you’re bound to have at least a few bids. However, we actually tried to become a writer at the service because we read all those negative au.edubirdie reviews and guess what? It took us minutes to get accepted and we didn’t even pose as native writers.

Edubirdie does a poor job checking their candidates’ qualifications and background, which is the reason behind every bad au.edubirdie review we’ve read. The most interesting part is, writers who are employed there will bid on almost everything, even if they don’t have the qualifications. So, make sure to carefully consider your choices, especially if your paper is really important.

AU EduBirdie Pricing

We can’t give you fixed prices to base your decisions on. They aren’t prices set at Edubirdie Australia. The only thing they have set is the minimal allowed bid. Bidders can bid for anything from A$23.60 for a page. This is a really good rate. Most companies don’t limit their bidders, which results in unrealistic and really low bids. However, even though the intention of the essay company was good, their writers are mostly bidding at this price, even if the paper is really complex and for a higher academic level.

When we ordered, we got over 30 bids in a single hour. So, they have many writers and you’ll probably never stay without bidders. However, out of 30 writers, 22 bid at the lowest rate. We ordered an essay for a Master’s level, so this price is far from suitable.

This concerned us a lot, but we chose a writer based on their portfolios and profiles. The writer seemed too good to be true because his qualifications exceeded his bid. Still, we went for it in order to complete this review of Edu birdie.

Edu Birdie Discounts

This system does not allow for discounts. It’s not uncommon with bidding companies. In fact, at this point, we still haven’t found a bidding company with discounts.

There isn’t any special offer you can enjoy if you order more than once, twice, or a hundred times. But, if you find a writer you like, you can ask for his help every time you order. If you’re good at bargain, you might get a better price in your negotiations.

However, with the bids being as low as they are, we don’t see any need for negotiations as long as you choose a safe writer.

There aren’t discounts, and there probably won’t be with this type of services. We don’t see how this can happen since it is the writer that decides on the bid, and the customer that decides on the final price. The company only mediates.

Unfortunately, in this case, EduBirdie Australia did not really mediate the process at all. We’ll discuss the details over this in the support management section.

Edubirdie Quality

Quality is not common at this service. That’s the first thing we heard about them before we decided to give this au Edubirdie review a go. Their reputation is by far one of the worst among bidding companies.

Since we saw how their hiring processes go, we know the reason behind this. No one checked our credentials, which means that every writer can lie in his profile. Therefore, you can’t really trust their bids.

We chose a really good writer, or at least thought so. When she delivered the work, the shock was real. The work was incredibly bad, definitely not written by someone who speaks English well, and the writer obviously had no talent to write academic tasks. It seems that all the information in her profile was false.

Support Management

When there’s a bidding system introduced, the only task of the writing service is to act as a mediator. They don’t choose writers, but they are still responsible for their writers’ actions. So, when we reached out sharing the terrible experience we had with the writer, we expected an immediate refund based on our really supported claims.

Instead, we didn’t get anything. The support doesn’t even approve revision requests.


It was a terrible experience ordering from Edubirdie AU. The bidding system they introduced does not bode well with the customers. Their prices are the cheapest, but the writers aren’t good at all.


  1. Noah said:

    EduBirdie gave me a difficult time with my essay, as they missed the deadline by a few days. I will never use their services again.

    September 23, 2019
  2. Cindy said: has high prices, which are not ideal for students. Also, they offer very poor quality of writing that can’t translate to good grades. 2/10.

    September 23, 2019
  3. Alan said:

    It seems that EduBirdie AU has inexperienced writers.

    January 20, 2020
  4. Reed said:

    Overpriced rates, untrustworthy team of writers. Stay away from Au EduBirdie.

    January 20, 2020

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